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Official Privacy Policy

Due to the fact that Boston Commerce, Inc. and its affiliates routinely gather sensitive personal and business information from its web-sites, we have established an official privacy policy to protect our customers.

All information gathered at websites operated by Boston Commerce, Inc., containing personal or sensitive payment information is intended to be gathered using a secure, and encrypted method of submission. If information is not being gathered securely at our website, http:// rather than https:// will not appear in the URL.

No sensitive information such as credit card numbers, checking account information, business tax ID numbers and the like will be knowingly transmitted via methods deemed as insecure by Boston Commerce, Inc. staff.

Boston Commerce, Inc., does not reject receipt of insecure sensitive data, via email, support ticket system or other methods when transmitted from end users or customers.

Regarding personal contact information, Boston Commerce, Inc. will never sell, lease, distribute, or otherwise disclose the name, address, company name, phone, or any other contact information such as email address, mailing address, or fax number, to any other party not directly related to, affiliated with, or owned by Boston Commerce, Inc. in Boston without proper consent, or legal mandate.

All domain name registration customers must provide, and keep published, current contact data, including a valid name, company name, address, and phone number.  This information will be published in the whois database for public access and is currently required under ICANN regulations. 
[finitesite.com clauses deleted 9/14/18] 

All CheckWriter Cloud and BetterCheck accounts are run as Virtual Terminal software, and Boston Commerce, Inc. employees do not have direct access to encrypted account data, log in, or customer's client payment information stored in these private virtual terminal environments beyond user's identity and card on file information.

Boston Commerce, Inc. will not supply customer identity information to any non-affiliated third party without a valid subpoena.

If you supply your email address, fax number or mailing address, Boston Commerce, Inc. and/or its affiliates may send you email announcements, mailers, or faxes regarding promotions or other events, including, but not limited to special offers and changes with your account.  These announcements will be bound by our terms of service and acceptable uses policy and the submission of your address and name will constitute agreement with these terms when the term of service are posted at point of submission. We will not sell your contact information or personal data to any third party not affiliated with Boston Commerce, Inc.

Boston Commerce, Inc. keeps critical network, server, and telecommunications equipment in physically secure locations where access is permitted only to authorized personnel.

Firewalls within the organization are fully deployed with secured processes for administering those firewalls. Firewalls within the organization protect websites from inappropriate and unauthorized access. Disaster recovery plans for are developed and reviewed periodically to ensure minimized data loss in the case of a disaster.

Boston Commerce, Inc. has a formal and confidential set of security policies and procedures developed that clearly outline the corporate rules governing access to sensitive financial data.

Hiring procedures for employees, temporary workers, and contractors including verification of application information, background checks, and reference checks on new employees that will have access to Receiver financial data.

All relevent employees are educated on information security, and company practices as well as their individual responsibilities. Data security is built into the support flow and access is granted only to individuals with clearance.

Anti-virus and anti-spyware / malware systems are in place to limit exposure to rogue applications or attacks. Systems are designed to automatically purge unnecessary financial data on a monthly or quarterly basis.

IF YOU EVER FEEL YOUR PRIVACY HAS BEEN COMPROMISED - please, report it to us immediately, so we may investigate and take the appropriate action. 

We take our customer data and contact information very seriously. We are in the business of secure information transfer, and welcome any and all suggestions and reports of foul play with regard to client security and privacy.

If you need to contact us regarding the above privacy policy, you may call toll free 1-800-893-6001 and speak with a manager on duty. Or if you prefer you may open a support ticket at https://fixitsupport.com, or write to us snail mail at Boston Commerce, Inc. 15 North Beacon Street, Boston, MA 02134.

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    Should your privacy be compromised through a known breach in security, you will be sent notice to your email address on file that such a breach occurred and by agreeing to our terms of service and acceptable uses policy you consent to waive other forms of notification unless specifically required by law.

    Last update: April 30, 2020
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