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  • Refund Policy
    We offer a 30 Money Back Guarantee on most, but not all of the products.  Please call customer service (617) 859-8998, in advance to obtain an RMA number (Return Merchandise Authorization) within 30 days of purchase date if you product is merchandise.  Individual, product specific refund policies are listed below.

    Return merchandise with RMA number to:

    Boston Commerce, Inc. REFUND
    (Print RMA Number Here)
    15 North Beacon Street
    Boston, Massachusetts 02134

    Note: Refunds sent with no RMA number, or mailed to the printer, or fulfillment warehouse location, regardless of the return address on the package, will be returned to sender.  Boston Commerce, Inc., is only responsible for packages sent to the above address.  USPS signature confirmation, or express mail overnight service are offered to the above address, but are not required. 

    No returned physical product will be accepted without the RMA number. Product must be received within 30 day period without exception.

    CheckWriter Cloud and Cloud Check Stock:
    CheckWriter Cloud comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. If you purchase CheckWriter Cloud Single User Version, Multi-User Version or Upgrade and you are not delighted, you can fill out the cancellation form at https://checkwriter.net and request a full refund for your set up fee and first month's fee. Express account setup orders are non-refundable, as are temporary accounts*.  After your second monthly fee is processed, regardless of the result, your set up fee and monthly fees become non-refundable. There is no required term, and no term contract with CheckWriter Cloud but cancellation is required to stop monthly billing and delete account. Pro-rated monthly fee refunds are not offered for partial month. Cancellations must be received before the next billing date for recurring transactions. Annual plans that bill monthly, special price plans, as well as concession accounts will assess a two month cancellation penalty per account or must pay the concession amount if cancellation is received before 12 billing cycles. Monthly fees, declined card charges, late fees and returned item fees will apply to all active accounts until cancelled, and are these fees are non-refundable. Orders for Cloud Check Stock are shipped as non-refundable but have a "Satisfaction Guarantee."  If you are not completely satisfied with your Cloud Stock Purchase due to damage or defect we will ship a replacement at no charge. Please see cancellation policy at the CheckWriter website for how to cancel your account on the support page.

    * Temporary accounts, or accounts used by customers as a stop gap solution, are defined as CheckWriter Cloud accounts that are opened and used solely for the ability to process payments immediately, while waiting for replacement media, technical resolutions, or for other short-term applications, with the intent to cancel upon resolution.  These accounts are not eligible for the money back guarantee. 

    Check Paper Orders / Power Purchase Card, except when purchased as 50 sheets with a new CheckWriter order, are not refundable at all.  Once paper orders are shipped, no refunds can be issued on returned stock. Once an order number is generated for a Power Purchase Card, the sale is final. If your order arrives damaged, or if you are not satisfied with the quality of the order, simply call 617-859-8998 to file a claim and, your damaged stock or color issue will be cheerfully and promptly replaced to your liking at no charge. Power Purchase Card won't work on Cloud Products.

    register.yourfavorite.com domain names:
    Names registered through yourfavorite.com, finitesite.com, register.yourfavorite.com and other affiliate sites are NOT refundable under any circumstances.  Names cannot be refunded even due to misspelling if the customer typed in the name. If the name was misspelled during a telephone registration, a recording or transcript of the conversation will be requisitioned to determined the actual name ordered by the customer.  Replacement names, if available, will be issued at no charge due to human error on the part of yourfavorite.com if the verification process was not followed. All names automatically renew for the term of the original contract unless cancelled according to the cancellation policy. Renewals are non-refundable. 

    Hosting Cancellations, including shopping carts / forms and domain name registrations.
    Hosting accounts and domain names will automatically renew for the term of the original contract unless cancelled in advance.  New accounts can cancel and receive a full refund, excluding setup fees, if cancellation is received within 30 days.  If your entire order consists of a set-up fee, such as domain name transfer or redirect, the entire setup fee is non-refundable. If you order hosting and your setup fee is waived, your first month's hosting fee is non-refundable and is considered a setup fee in the case that a new monthly hosting plan is cancelled.

    Renewals will occur monthly, quarterly or annually, depending on the original designation on the account.  Cancellation must be received for renewals 10 days PRIOR to the renewal date.  Once the renewal date has past, cancellation is not possible until the next renewal date. There is no grace period on hosting renewals. There are no prorated refunds for mid-term cancellations.

    Invoices for auto-renewals are sent via email, or U.S. mail in some cases, but are not required under the terms of service, and are sent as a courtesy only.  Failure to make payment or process a valid renewal is the sole responsibility of the accountholder. Non-receipt of invoice cannot be used as a reason to waive late fees, setup fees or reinstate an account.

    Application Fees and Credit Card Merchant Account Fees:
    Your application fee, and any up front costs are 100% refundable in the rare case you are declined. If you initiate an application that requires a fee, or payment, and decide you no longer wish to continue with the process, refunds of application fees and any other associated fees collected, will not be available under any circumstance.  If you apply, please be certain you wish to proceed and open a merchant account.  You are only required to provide payment if your status is "approved," or "pending approval;" all "declined" applications will receive a 100% refund upon request, no questions asked; this does not apply to applications or accounts that are "withdrawn." If application process and/or all documentation requested is not received within 90 days of the initiation of the application, or if you withdraw your application at any stage of the process all fees collected will be retained without exception.

    BetterCheck, RoutingTool, WebDebit, and Text-a-Check Virtual Terminal Merchant Accounts:
    Virtual terminal setup fees are non-refundable once an account has been successfully created. Orders with Express Account Setup selected are also non-refundable.  An account is created when a username and password are issued and a new account has been funded with at least $1. If Billing Authorization and Responsible Party form is not returned completed within 7 days, a $10 fee will be retained and the transaction will be refunded or voided except in the case of Express Account Setup where all fees are retained.

    Account balances are not refundable and non-transferable once loaded into the virtual terminal. 

    New accounts will be subject to a monthly minimum volume requirement of $10 or higher depending on the price plan selected, all accounts have a minimum monthly fee of $19.99.  Accounts will be considered open and in good standing when the account has a positive balance of $1 or more, and has received activity (at least one successful, billable verification) within the six (6) months (180 days).  If an account is inactive for more than 180 days, the username and password, along with any stored balance are forfeited without exception.  Accounts with a balance of less than $1 are subject to deletion if the account is not replenished, with at least the minimum replenishment value, within 30 days. Account restoration will be billed at the current virtual terminal set up price and a new minimum deposit will be required. If balance is negative, all negative amounts must be brought to $0 before replenishment or restoration is possible. Negative balances are considered past due and may be subject to collections. Boston Commerce, Inc. may bill your card on file $50 to keep your account active by adding this total automatically to your account balance, even if you do not have auto-replenish enabled.

    RoutingTool or BIN-IIN Private Use Database: Once shipped, this product is not refundable under any circumstances.  This includes the Private Use Database and updates to the Private Use Database.

    Rates and Fees:
    Hourly rate charges are typically $120 per hour for standard billing and technical support; and $240 per hour for manager billing; and $240 per hour for developer billing; and $240 per hour for after-hours, weekend, and holiday hours billing. Holiday manager billing is $290 per hour. Travel time is billed at actual travel cost, plus $240 per hour while out of the office, including overnight.  Per minute technical support phone billing is billed at $120 per hour, or $2 per minute with a 1/2 hour minimum.  Rates may vary.  In some cases surcharges may be additional.

    Paid Support / Programming / Hourly Billing
    All services offered under hourly billing, including telephone technical support, programming, design, and consulting services are non-refundable, regardless of results.  Hourly rates charged cannot be reversed or refunded under any circumstances. 

    FIX-IT Support
    This service is provided remotely. For the flat rate service issues are not to exceed 1 hour. The cost of the FIX IT SUPPORT pay-per-issue service for non-covered items under the individual product's terms of service, is non refundable. The service is intended for one issue or incident and is advertised 'guaranteed fixed or it's free'. If your issue cannot be fixed, you won't be charged.  If your issue does not involve a fix, but is for training, or the location of various files, or other non-covered item, you will be billed for this service and charged regardless of the results. FIX IT SUPPORT does not cover permissions issues or making changes to the computer's operating system or any other program or application that is not owner or operated by Boston Commerce, Inc. and its affiliates.  Support issues that require such operations may be considered fixed once diagnosed, even if no resolution is provided..

    Returned Payment Policy: Please note, all checks returned unpaid will be assessed a returned item fee, not to exceed $39 per instance.  Re-deposited checks may also assess this fee. All credit card transactions that are returned unpaid will result in a chargeback or reversal fee of $55 per instance to cover bank fees per dispute or payment reversal case number.

    Credit Card Refunds, Authorizations, and Holds:
    Customers who pay by MasterCard, Visa, American Express or Discover Credit or Debit card must agree to the terms of their own cardholder agreement.  The Boston Commerce, Inc. merchant system will first authorize the transaction for the exact dollar amount, then if approved manually, the transaction will be closed and settled. Before settlement, this hold or pending transaction may appear as 'pending' for all approved and declined transactions until posting.  Voided transactions and other non-settled transactions, including some declined transactions, or refunded transactions that create a hold on the customers account via the customer's financial institution will be purged from the customer's 'pending' transactions within 30 days of the original date of the authorization.  Boston Commerce, Inc., will release any holds on an account the same business day, however, Boston Commerce, Inc. is not responsible for holds from any individual financial institution.  Customer agrees to these terms unconditionally.

    Address Verification Service National Results:
    Customers who pay by MasterCard, Visa, American Express or Discover Credit or Debit card must clear the National Address Verification Service or "AVS".

    If your card is declined for AVS this means that even though funds may have been available on your credit card or debit card, your bank returned an AVS result than cannot be accepted, so the transaction was declined.

    For your bank to approve an AVS transaction, you must match the STREET ADDRESS or PO BOX numbers exactly, as well as the 5-digit zip code.  If these do not match, your transaction will be declined.

    Last update: April 30, 2020

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